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Victory Colours Down to Earth Paints

Whether you’re a committed vegan, or simply looking to make some small changes to your ethical lifestyle, eco-paint brand Victory Colours is perfect for those who want to give their home a cruelty-free makeover.

While many other paints may include casein, shellac, fish oils and other animal based products, Victory Colours’ technically excellent paint is truly vegan, stringently avoiding all animal products.

Victoria Yardley, Managing Director of Victory Colours, said: “When we created Victory Colours, we wanted to create a brand that was really clean, in every respect.

“Our paints are truly vegan paints and do not contain any animal products such as casein, nor have they ever been tested on animals.

“After having my own family I became increasingly mindful of the environmental damage being done to our planet and while I can’t directly change everything that is wrong with the world, I can do something about the environmental impact of my own brand.”

Our water based emulsions are solvent-free, have virtually zero VOCs, an ultra low odour, yet are still very durable, wipeable and perfect for modern living. Our paints are made freshly and shipped from our manufacturing facility in the north west direct to your door.

Victory Colours’ range of eco paint is available in over 120 shades, with prices starting at £41.95 for 2.5-litres of matt emulsion (including next day delivery).

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