Simple Steps to a Better World

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Explore Ethical RevolutionOur website suggests simple steps enabling us to make positive contributions towards a better world.

There are many things we can do, though sometimes the sheer volume of possibility can make knowing where to begin seem daunting or overwhelming. In taking just one step at a time, at your own pace, you'll find it easy.

Scroll down for a selection of some of the simple steps you can take.

There’s Only One Amazon

THE Amazon are the lungs of the planet. Bezos' Amazon is the tar.

It is ubiquitous and omnipotent in modern life and so it's not always easy to shut it out. I'm here to help you quit.

It's with small steps you can move to Amazon Alternatives. <- Click for more details on finding alternative, well-intentioned services.

As Amazon began as a bookseller, why not start by simply sourcing your books from an ethical book seller? Full details on the dedicated Amazon Alternatives page, or simply use the Ethical Book Search tool below.

Consume Consciously

Search for specific ethical brands or types of ethical products/services:
Or browse my bank of discount codes and offers from ethically-minded companies.

Or browse the Ethical Directory of ethically-minded companies.

The power we have every day of our lives to vote with our wallets is, I believe, one of the most effective ways of shaping society around us. Most of the time we have the choice between giving our money to a company who exploit people and the planet or one who care about people and planet.

Unfortunately it's usually those who exploit who are able to get those products to market cheaper than those who do not. For many of us this can take away the ability to choose. Many are forced to choose the cheapest option.

Fortunately I collate a bank of discounts and offers that can be taken advantage of in order to purchase from ethically-minded companies whilst maintaining your usual budget. Below are 4 example offers to get you going.

Switch Energy Supplier

Switching energy supplier to one who provides 100% renewable electricity and carbon-neutral gas is one of THE most powerful things you can do. Click below to read more about options and offers available.

Move Your Money

Move Your MoneySwitching your current and savings accounts can be a massive contribution to creating a better world. Does your bank: invest in fossil fuels; have anti-social finance issues; reside in a tax haven? Would you prefer one who didn't? Ethical Consumer have comprehensive guides on banks to avoid and banks to join (see those listed in their best and worst rating sections) for both current accounts and savings accounts.


DeGoogleAs with Amazon this is not a simple one. Google runs deep in to so many aspects of modern life, but switching to alternatives can be done bit by bit. Read my De-Google page for full info on all of the possible alternative services to Google.

Google began as a search engine so why not start by simply using a new search engine? My personal recommendation is DuckDuckGo as I find it to have the best balance of returning the best results and operating ethically. However, there are various other alternatives and depending on your own specific needs another may suit you. Read more on my dedicated page.

Be Sociable

Social Media AlternativesFacebook is great for using you as the product and undermining democracy staying in touch with friends, sharing photos, finding out what's going on.

Instagram is great for pretending you have an alternative life photo sharing.

Twitter is great for judging people you've never met based on one slice of information finding and sharing information.

...But for every great attribute of these social media giants there are dark, underlying forces which many of us are oblivious to.

If only there were platforms which offer all of the good things of those mentioned above but without say: the data collection; the advertising; you being the product; your data being used to manipulate you etc. etc.

Oh wait! There are! If you have concerns about any of social media platforms listed above then join the open-source, ethical alternatives listed here.


Hopefully one day our technologies and infrastructure will be set up in such a way where our movements and activities have no negative impact on the planet. Whilst they still do, carbon-offsetting is a fantastic way to ensure our negative impact is countered by positive initiatives.

One of the great things about offsetting is that it can cost so little.

I am partnered with Ecologi who plant trees on my behalf to offset the running of this website. I also use Climate Care to calculate and offset my transportation. Click here to see how easy and cheap it is to offset your own carbon emissions.

Shop Local

Discover local, seasonal, fresh food from your local producers on my interactive map.

Share Things!

From car-pooling to lending libraries the sharing economy is going from strength to strength. In a sharing economy we share resources between us instead of all owning the same thing. This isn't possible with everything, but where it's possible why would we not use it?

Using a circular economy where we re-use, share and refurbish and recycle instead of a linear economy where we consume, throw away and pollute seems like such a no-brainer to me.

Libraries of Things are springing up all over the place, allowing us to share all manner of things. Search for one near you!

Ethical Markers

Look for ethical markers and accreditations for products and services. But beware, some may seem to be doing good when they're actually just an attempt to greenwash. Below are four ethical markers you can trust, chosen at random from my full list of the best ethical markers. You can click on each one to read more about it.

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