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Just because something is the way it is doesn’t mean it has to be that way. If you spot something you think should be done better then let those in charge know and see if you can inspire them to make positive change. For example you may be a follower of a brand or a sports team and feel they should be doing something differently – simply let them know!

Send the brand a message on social media and/or an email explaining what you think needs improving and why you as someone who’d like to support them want them to improve it. Consumer pressure in letting brands know why you want them to act more ethically is one of the most effective ways to drive behaviour change.

Attempt to raise the standards wherever you go! Don’t let bullshit stick! Ask for better. Standards can always be better because perfection doesn’t (yet) exist!

Ok, I’m going to admit it. I support Tottenham Hotspur. They have led the way for four consecutive seasons in terms of the Premier League Index for ‘greenest football club’, but I’ll be honest: it’s a low bar! Whilst I’m pleased they’re taking action in some areas there is so much they can still improve upon and I let them know. Hopefully mine is one of multiple voices which motivates them to do some of the good things they do.

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