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Meet Markers

Know Your Ethical Markers

Look for ethical markers and accreditations for products and services whenever you can. But beware, some may seem to be doing good when they’re actually just an attempt to greenwash.

Any brand or industry could make up an ethical or sustainable certification and add the logo to its packaging, so knowing the credible markers is important.

Ethical Consumer have a comprehensive article on green labelling which includes three ways to identify the best ethical labels. Have a read through and familiarise yourself with that when you can.

Meanwhile, below is a selection of ethical markers you can probably trust. You can click on each one to read more about it and make your own mind up.


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2 thoughts on “Meet Markers

    1. Hi June,

      It is quite a long list, too long for memory, but the idea is that this is a list of the reputable certifications that you can refer to when you see a certification on something. If it appears here you can be confident it’s not greenwash. The list of less reputable ones is a lot longer.


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