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Hope Spring Ecards

Ecards are a more environment friendly way to send greetings to your loved ones. In addition to the environment benefits, sending a Hope Spring Ecard provides clean drinking water to communities that lack access to clean water in Africa.

Send a Hope Spring Ecard on special occasions, such as Birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, Valentine’s day, Mother’s days and any other occasion when you want to send greetings to a friend, family or a work colleague.

Hope Spring Ecards gets your message across fast and efficiently, the donation you made for sending an ecard alleviates water poverty.

2 thoughts on “Hope Spring Ecards

  1. Hope Spring eCards has grown significantly since this entry was created. We now have over 1,000 eCards. Apart from the positive environmental impact of encouraging people to send ecards instead of paper based cards. We have also raised thousands of pounds for charity.

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