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Ethical Bookseller Survey

The 2017 survey In 2017 I carried out a survey of the top 10 ethical online booksellers, ranking them for things including customer experience, packaging and price relative to Amazon. I then combined my results with Ethical Consumer Magazine’s ‘ethiscore’ for each bookseller to give a top ten list of alternatives to Amazon.

Ethical Revolution is now the go-to website for people looking to find books from alternative sellers to Amazon and I even have an Ethical Bookseller Search Tool which browses many of these sellers and more so you don’t have to trawl through all of them individually to find the best option.

The bookseller ratings are now kept up to date by visitors to Ethical Revolution like yourself submitting feedback below. See the up to date ratings here.

Win a £20 book token by submitting your feedback

I randomly select one in every thirty participants to receive a £20 book token.

Book Token

How do I take part?

1. Either use my book search tool below to find where your book is cheapest or click one of the following booksellers to go directly to them.

2. Buy the book.

3. When your book arrives fill in the survey at the bottom of this page.

The Book Search Tool

The Booksellers


Awesome Books

Better World Books


Blackwells Logo

Books etc.

Foyles Bookstore

The Guardian Bookshop



The Works Books

Waterstones Books

WHSmith Books


World of Books

Survey form


    Website Usability:


    Thank you for taking part. I’ll announce the book voucher winners on Twitter and contact them directly.

    Ethical Revolution Book Survey for 2021

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