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Create a green house effect worth shouting about…

Charity begins at home (but should not end there)

The phrase ‘charity begins at home’ means that we should ensure we’ve sorted our own house out before we try to fix others. So many of us are guilty of neglecting our own little habitat whilst trying to fix things further afield – whether that be on a grand scale or simply working for somebody else. So what can we do to fix our own homes in terms of making it fit for a better world?

Make it efficient

Another step talks about powering your home from renewables, that’s a great start, but what about making it so less energy is required to power it?

Ensure it’s well insured

Is your home insurance company funding climate change? I personally use and recommend Naturesave. Meanwhile Ethical Consumer have rated 23 home insurance providers based on their ethical and environmental records with a spotlight on the green and eco insurance companies as well as those to avoid.

Further Resources

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