The world and all our lives have some big problems.
We may not be able to overcome them alone.
But what we can choose is this:
Whether we want to be a part of those problems...
Or if we want to be a part of their solution.
Do YOU want to be part of the solution?
✊ Be part of an Ethical Revolution.👈
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Who are ECRA and What is an Ethiscore?

ECRA is the Ethical Consumer Research Association: a member-led, independent co-operative specialising in consumer engagement and best practice in ethical markets for businesses and NGOs.

They publish the annual Ethical Consumer Markets Report as well as bi-monthly magazine Ethical Consumer, holding a unique position for researching and analysing ethical markets, ethical consumption trends and corporate behaviour.

ECRA give brands an Ethiscore, with companies receiving ratings out of 15, and individual products scoring a maximum of 20 points.

All companies start with a score of 14. Points are taken away for criticism received in each of the categories listed below.

Companies can also score a positive mark under the Company Ethos category if they commit to certain things (e.g. Fairtrade) across their whole company group.

Product scores are based on the company score, with additional marks being added for positive features (such as being certified fairtrade or organic).

  • Animals
  • Animal Testing
  • Factory Farming
  • Animal Rights & Cruelty
  • Environment
  • Environmental Reporting
  • Climate Change
  • Pollution & Toxics
  • Habitats & Resources
  • Palm Oil
  • People
  • Human Rights
  • Workers’ Rights
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Irresponsible Marketing
  • Arms & Military Supply
  • Politics
  • Anti-Social Finance
  • Boycott Calls
  • Controversial Technologies
  • Political Activity
  • Tax Conduct

The two categories rewarding those brands making a positive impact:

  • Company Ethos
  • Product Sustainability (organic, fairtrade, energy efficient, vegan & vegetarian products)