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Wake the World

In the Invite and Inspire step hopefully you inspired one other person to come aboard and take the 26 step challenge. Now you’re near the end of your challenge (if you’ve been doing this alphabetically) tell the world!

It’s said that a frog asleep in water won’t notice a gradual increase in temperature until it’s too late and the poor amphibian boils to death. Are we humans on a similar path to the sleeping frog? If you’re on this page then as an individual you’re probably awake and alive to the fact that we’re running out of time to get to a better tomorrow. You’re ahead of a quite modest curve. The issue remains though that as an entire species we’re still nowhere near noticing what needs to be done. Can you try to awaken as many other individuals as you can in the drive towards waking humanity and seeing us in to a better world?

Post on your socials and across the web:

Tell the world about these 26 steps towards a better world and let’s create an ethical revolution! Simply copy this hyperlink and paste it across your social media.

Promote it everywhere you go in our beautiful, real-life, physical world!

Download and print this A4 poster and cut it in to six. ✂️
One would look great on your fridge! ❄️
Can you find five public places/noticeboards to pop the other five? 🖐️

Your 26 Steps Checklist

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