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Use a local, organic, veg box scheme! Yes it can work out more expensive to have the better quality produce delivered to your door but if there’s one thing in life that perhaps we shouldn’t skimp on, surely it’s that which nourishes our own bodies. A couple of pence here and there for each item is surely worth it for the immense benefits to ourselves and to the planet that shopping organic brings.

Why get an organic veg box?

  • Eating organic has bigger health benefits because organically produced crops are found with up to 68% more antioxidants than non-organic. Organic food contains lower concentrations of pesticides, additives, preservatives and the toxic heavy metal cadmium.
  • Organic farming leads the way on sustainability as it is designed to respect nature and to enhance the health of soils, water and air. (Organic production contributes to a high level of biodiversity, the preservation of species & natural habitats whilst enhancing soil life, natural soil fertility and water quality.)
  • There are no artifical fertilisers used meaning it’s healthier for you and the planet.
  • Organic farming has the highest animal welfare standards of any international farming system.
  • Land use on organic farms is more nature-friendly.
  • Organic production makes responsible use of energy and natural resources.
  • Organic farming supports cleaner water for wildlife.
  • There is strictly no GM foods in organic farming.
  • You know where your food comes from and that its fresh, seasonal produce.
  • Buying seasonal can make you more creative in kitchen, ultimately giving you a wider repertoire of dishes!
  • Reduces food waste.
  • Supports local job opportunities.
  • You can feel more connected to your local food community.
  • Convenience of having all of your fresh food delivered to your door weekly!

Search online for an organic veg box scheme close to you.

Nothing Local? Choose Riverford.

If there is not one local to you then Riverford are the best national organic box scheme. Here’s a £15 discount when you sign up to one of their regular boxes.

Riverford never air freight any produce and everything is organic. As much of their range as can be is homegrown (around 80% of their veg in an average year). When they do import, it’s mostly from growers in France and Spain. The carbon impact of importing naturally grown ingredients by road and sea can be significantly lower than growing using artificial heat in this country. Read more on how Riverford make themselves sustainable.

Still not sure?

Try signing up for an organic box scheme just for a couple of weeks or months and see how you get on. Once you get used to the shift you might find the convenience and array of wonderful, fresh, organic produce too good to go back on. If you’re not convinced you’ll be able to cancel whenever you please.

Further Reading

You can read more about the benefits of organic via the Soil Assosiaction – the charity joining forces with nature for a better future: A world with good health, in balance with nature, and a safe climate.

A weekly veg box will also go a long way towards helping you achieve the (easier than it sounds) 30-plants-per-week goal. Advocated by Tim Spector and Michael Mosley, cutting edge science suggests we should all be achieving this to maintain a healthy gut and in turn a strong as possible immune system.

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