The Pack Vegan Dog food

The Pack Vegan Dog Food

The Pack are a vegan dog food brand revolutionising dog food with science based, nutritionally complete and innovative plant-based recipes. Food that’s not only better for your dog and their health, but better for the planet too.

Their founding team are all committed environmentalists – not into greenwashing or carbon offsetting, just a startup creating vegan dog food that’s better for the planet.

The Pack have worked with world leaders in the packaging industry to design environmentally friendly packaging solutions. They package their wet food in the humble can due to their widespread recyclability and minimise doggy food waste.

They conduct a carbon assessment of their plant-powered meals informing all future product development to help them stay transparent as a company. The assessment shows that vegan food is significantly more environmentally friendly than similar meat-based food, making it a great way to reduce your dog’s carbon pawprint! 

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