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  • Sync - Free secure online storage 5GB Free & Secure Online Cloud Storage by Sync

    Sync - Free secure online storageSync offer secure and completely private cloud storage and you can sign up for a 5GB account completely free.

    Sync is just like Dropbox, but secure, and 100% private: Store, share and access your files from everywhere, with your privacy guaranteed.

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Green computing? It’s out there if you know where to look. We’ll show you!

Is your life pretty much run by computers these days? Software as a service this? Email that? Cloud storage the other? The essential but almost scarily reliant web we’ve woven eh? Well here’s a great way that you can ‘do your bit’ while you’re busy being busy online.

Green computing.

Yes of course there are better and worse ways of applying IT – that’s why we’ve gone out there and found the best. The best of the best ethical business computing. Ethical computing that thinks about the planet at the same time as thinking about how best to serve the very best in business computing.

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