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Reuse & Recycle

Reduce is already a step in Decrease Doings, so this step is the two remaining famous ‘R’s: Reuse & Recycle.


Embrace second hand! I’ve been buying all of my clothes and a lot of other things from charity shops for a long time now. There are far too many clothes and objects in circulation so there is rarely a need to buy new when you can buy second hand or refurbished.

Did you know that UK citizens are the worst consumers in Europe for buying single-use, irreparable goods? Try to think about that next time you go to buy something. Do you really need to? Could you borrow instead? If you do need to buy does it have to be brand new? It might be time to embrace the circular economy!


By recycle I don’t mean put waste in to certain boxes so that a small fraction of what’s taken away actually gets recycled. I mean recycle things yourself. Repurpose them. There are all sorts of wild and wonderful things that can be done with items you no longer need.

A lovely lady named Rose recently alerted me to something she does with old rubber gloves that are no longer fit for using as gloves. She cuts the sleeve parts in to rings to use to tie things together. Use the comments below to share something you’ve done to repurpose or ‘recycle’ something.

If you do need to dispose of something and can’t put it in your home recycling check out some of the options offered by Terracycle.

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10 thoughts on “Reuse & Recycle

  1. I use old wellies that have split as makeshift flower pots. There are few splayed out in random places across the garden.

  2. Did you know that those plastic Pringles lids fit perfectly over some ramekin bowls. Turns them in to great little containers for things you want to keep the dust out of!

  3. I’ve used the metal key rings that you invariably end up with too many of to fix the straps on a dress.

  4. Once a toothbrush is too old to keep using on my teeth I keep it and use for cleaning. Particularly good for cleaning around taps and similar awkward nooks and crannies.

    1. Me too! And my old clothes that are no longer wearable become dish rags and dusters.

  5. I’ve got some old tyres in the garden. They both protect and frame the plants I’ve planted inside them.

    1. Excellent idea – as long as the plants are ornamental…..old tyres leach cadmium and other nasty into both soil and plants. Don’t grow potatoes in them!

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