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Ecosia Search Engine

Ecosia is the search engine that plants trees with its ad revenue. Get the free browser extension and use Ecosia every time you search. Ecosia finance tree-planting programs with 80% of their surplus, resulting in over 6 million trees planted already. Ecosia is a CO2-neutral company, a social enterprise run by a small group of More Info »

Webarchitects Co-operative

Webarchitects Co-operative

Webarchitects is a small and friendly multi-stakeholder co-operative which provides ethical and green web hosting, virtual servers and GNU/Linux sysadmin support services. Internet based services for socially responsible groups and individuals, using free open source software wherever possible. Our whole organisation and servers use sustainable energy, which also provides sustainable employment.


Thunderbird Email Client

Thunderbird is a free, easy-to-set-up email application made by The Mozilla Foundation that is fully customisable and loaded with great features. The Mozilla Foundation are a non-profit organisation that promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the Internet by engaging in unique partnerships with some of the world’s leading brands and non-profits, as well as with More Info »



Firefox is the only independent browser and is completely open source. Made by The Mozilla Foundation (a non-profit organisation), Firefox is committed to your privacy and an open Web. Not only that, but it is the world’s best browser with thousands of plugins available. Mozilla promotes openness, innovation and opportunity on the Internet by engaging More Info »

Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck Go Search Engine

Duck Duck Go is the ‘People’s Search Engine’, an ethical alternative to the regular search engines. Unlike Google, Duck Duck Go respect your privacy and don’t track you. Therefore you can be safe in the knowledge they do not collect or share any of your personal information. Duck Duck Go offers instant results, just as More Info »


With Sync you can keep your files safe, secure, and private. Sync’s unique, zero-knowledge storage platform guarantees your privacy by providing end-to-end encryption, with only the end user having access to the keys. Sync is the simplest, most private and secure online digital storage platform. Unlike Dropbox, who can access all of your files and More Info »

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