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Enter the characters from the image. - ethical alternative to DropboxWith Sync you can keep your files safe, secure, and private. Sync’s unique, zero-knowledge storage platform guarantees your privacy by providing end-to-end encryption, with only the end user having access to the keys.

Sync is the simplest, most private and secure online digital storage platform. Unlike Dropbox, who can access all of your files and hand them over to others, Sync is built with cryptography that means only you can access your files.

You can sync all of your files across all devices with just one account. A free account gives you 5gb. For just $49 (roughly £31) per year you can get 500GB, or 2TB for just $98 (£62).

It has all the functionality of Dropbox, but with much greater security levels. Sign up for an account with Sync today and see for yourself.


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