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Two things:

1. Have fun while taking these steps.

None of them are chores.

They’re all inspirational ideas that will give you a huge sense of achievement and betterment.

There’s no pressure. Do them in your own time, as and when you feel you can.

2. Get out of the negative news cycle and get your news from better sources.

Something that really puts the breaks on our attempt to journey joyfully through life in general is the way news is presented to us. The 24 hour news cycle keeps us in a perpetual state of anxiety. Try to ignore it a little more rather than get caught up in it. Just dip in as and when you feel it suits you.

Traditional news is invariably a doom and gloom machine that is not going to make you happy. I say this with caution however because switching to alternative sources for news has led many people down less-reliable and ultimately dangerous paths. I would personally recommend the three outlets below first and foremost. Beyond that look deeply as to whether your news sources are giving you the most rigorous view of things they can. Getting your news from several sources, not just one can also help stop you from going down any potentially dangerous avenues.

  1. Read The Conversation for articles on current affairs written with the highest standards of both academic rigour and journalistic flair.
  2. Read Positive News for rigorous journalism about what’s going right in the world, leaving you feeling positive, contrary to how traditional news leaves you feeling. They report on socially relevant and uplifting stories of progress.
  3. Read Ethical Consumer Magazine for the latest information and inspiration you need to revolutionise the way you spend, save and live. (Click here for a code to get 2 months extra free when you subscribe to Ethical Consumer.)

Ask yourself if you really need to know what is going on everywhere every day?

Possibly not.

Especially if you’re trying to decrease your doings.

Therefore breaking the habit of checking the news can become a lifting of weight from your shoulders that you didn’t realise it could be. It’s not to say to never consume the news. Maybe just try doing it less often, non-habitually and from alternative-but-trusted sources.

Your 26 Steps Checklist

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