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Ethical Revolution partners with Frome Fridge

Around the time that I moved to Frome last summer a network of community fridges was started in the UK with the aim of reducing avoidable food waste. Community fridges have popped up in London, Oxford and elsewhere around the country ever since Frome launched the UK’s first one in April 2016. Now embedded as a permanent resident I am absolutely delighted to have become sponsor of Frome’s Community Fridge.

Supported by its brilliant council, which is made up entirely of independents, Frome is an innovative, green and forward-thinking town. The Community Fridge in Frome is just one of many initiatives that set the town apart from many of its ordinary contemporaries.

Being able to associate myself & Ethical Revolution with a town and project which share so many of my own values was really a no brainer for me.

How the Community Fridge Works

Anyone can drop off good but unwanted vegetables, bread, sandwiches and alike in the fridge within their use by date. Certified businesses can also supply it with cooked foods. Plenty of local business, independent and multinational alike, donate to the fridge on a regular basis.

Between 8am and 8pm anyone can take from the fridge, located in Frome’s main car park near the town library.

Waste Not Wanted

Each year an average UK home discards almost £500 of food. That includes a daily disposal of 5 million potatoes, 660,000 eggs and 220,000 loaves of bread!! Meanwhile there are around 4 million people in the UK who live in food poverty.

Frome’s Solution

With these shocking stats around food waste in the UK, a Frome-based ‘school for community enterprise’ called Edventure assembled a group of students to raise awareness of food waste issues. The end result was the community fridge whose mission it was to utilise redundant sources of food in Frome.

Keep the Network Growing

If you feel a community fridge could be set up in your own town then Frome Community Fridge can help you make it happen. Having invested lots of time figuring out the best way to set up and run a community fridge in the UK, Edventure share their resources to save others the time.

The fridge has featured on the BBC (view video), with Jamie Oliver on Channel 4 and in The Guardian, Metro & Vice.

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