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Ecosia Search Engine

Alternative Search Engines

My search engine of choice is DuckDuckGo. That’s because I find it gives me really good results as well as not storing any data on you. Ecosia are also a great option, planting trees with their ad revenue. Neither DuckDuckGo nor Ecosia sell your data to advertisers or have third party trackers, unlike most other search engines.


Better Web Browsers

For me it’s Firefox all the way. Google Chrome, as with Apple’s Safari and Microsoft’s Edge are all part of massive companies with various ethical issues. Firefox, from the non-profit Mozilla Foundation is the only independent browser and is completely open source.

Thunderbird Email Client

Gee, no Gmail

There are so many email providers out there that I cannot list them all. I personally use with Thunderbird as my desktop email client and Canary as my tablet email client. For more options check out Ethical Net’s comprehensive list of Gmail alternatives.

Sync - Free secure online storage

Google Drive

I use Sync and Cryptpad.
Ethical Net list more file sharing, office and team collaboration alternatives to Google.


Other Maps

A tough one I know. I use Open Street Map whenever I need a map now. It’s an open-source, user contributed mapping service and works pretty well. The more people who use and contribute to it the better it will get.



Another difficult one. If you want to host a video, why not try Peertube. I’ve starting using them to upload videos. For browsing Vimeo may be a better option for now. Ethical Net (who are great for tech alternatives in general) have some more options.


Google Hangouts

I love Whereby. I also like Jitsi. They both rank well under Ethical Consumer’s guide to ethical video conferencing software.


Google Analytics

If you are a website owner it’s likely you use Google for website analytics. There are other platforms out there. I use Plausible, an open-source alternative.

Apertium Translate

Google Translate

By using Google Translate you are permitting Google the rights to keep your text and share or publish it themselves. Instead try DeepL or Apertium. DeepL is a paid service which you can test free with a limit of 5,000 characters, while Apertium is a free, open-source machine translation platform.

Further resources

For more information on pushing Google away Ethical Net list 8 good reasons to avoid Google. There is also a DeGoogling community who list more still. They both also have plenty of further reading as to why and how to stop using Google.

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