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Or if we want to be a part of their solution.
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David beats Goliath in ethical battle of insurers

The biggest names in insurance have been beaten into second place by the ETA, a small environmentally friendly provider recently named Britain’s most ethical insurance company by The Good Shopping Guide.

The ETA, which was established 25 years ago to provide breakdown cover, cycle insurance and travel insurance for the environmentally concerned customer, beat over thirty household names including Admiral, AXA, Churchill, Halifax and Scottish Widows with an ethical company index score of 93.

Head of marketing at the ETA, Sarah Partridge, said: “This award demonstrates that David can beat Goliath where ethical business practice is concerned and that consumers should hold companies to account, whatever their size”

The Good Shopping Guide each year examines the companies behind the brands – both big and small.

According to the Good Shopping Guide: “People are realising that they don’t have to join a campaign or become a political activist to make their voices heard: speaking out can also be as easy as making good choices about where you shop and what you buy.”

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