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How Do You Sleep at Night? In Partnership with Leesa

Our Leesa MattressHow do you sleep at night? -A question often posed to conscious consumers by our own consciences when we realise what’s behind some of the things we’ve bought in the past!
Two things can alleviate the ensuing restless nights:
1. Altering our purchasing habits to ethical companies who care about their effect on our planet as much us.
2. A bed that oozes comfort!

Once you start thinking about how the things you purchase and use every day have been produced you begin to discover a myriad of different companies that ensure their practices are ethical: From sourcing sustainably produced fibres and materials through reducing the impact on our environment to ensuring that the workers who make the products are fairly treated. You come to realise that the small purchasing choices you make every day can have a big impact. It’s a journey my girlfriend and I have been on for a good number of years now.

After realising that we could no longer sleep on our (very old) mattress due to one too many broken springs we started to search for a decent new mattress. But an ethical mattress company wasn’t something that ‘sprang’ to mind instantly! I wasn’t even sure there would be such a thing. However, a considered search (using DuckDuckGo or Ecosia of course!) for ethical mattress companies did bare fruit.

It didn’t take us long to come across Leesa, who we were impressed to find out were a certified B-Corp, meaning they adhere to high standards of social and environmental performance and transparency: the triple-bottom line. Aware of how thorough the process is to become accredited as a B-Corp, we immediately knew Leesa would be a company with great awareness of how to run a sustainable business whilst ensuring they’re making a positive environmental and social impact on the planet. So, I got in touch with them and they offered to send me a trial mattress to review. That’s it below:

Our Leesa Mattress

Our Leesa mattress was delivered to our door rolled up in a box! Being squeezed so tightly for a courier to easily deliver, we found it hard to believe this mattress could end up being the large super-comfy bed it has turned out to be. One negative is that in order to make it so easily deliverable like this it comes vacuum wrapped in plastic. This seems like an unavoidable compromise in order for it to be able to be condensed so much to not expand within the box. With plastic quite rightly being an issue that has become heightened in the public consciousness recently I hope this company who are well aware of their environmental impact will look to innovate in this area.

The mattress is easy to unpack and starts expanding straight away. It is then ready to sleep on within two hours, reaching optimum comfort after being left to expand for 24 hours. The first thing we noticed once it had expanded was just how thick it was – almost double the height of our previous one. We decided to sleep the first night in our spare room so as to give the mattress the chance to be in optimal condition for our first night on it.

How to unbox a Leesa mattress

How to unbox a Leesa mattress

After our first night’s sleep we were left wondering why it had taken us so long to replace our old mattress. It was in the spirit of not wanting to waste that we’d kept the old one for so long. We have in fact still kept it, now combining it with a large mattress topper to still make do for occasional guest use in the spare room. -On my to-do list is to fix those springs too.

I genuinely felt that the first night on our new ethical mattress was the deepest and best sleep I’d had in any bed I’d ever owned.

It felt like the whole of my back was touching the mattress, so every area was supported. That’s not something I could say before. I think this is what you get with a memory foam style mattress. But what you apparently don’t usually get with memory foam mattresses is breathability, leaving you too hot or even waking up in a sweat on hot nights. Leesa have been able to overcome this issue with a top layer that is totally breathable. It’s been two months now since we got the mattress and having had some warm June nights recently I can attest that I haven’t once felt too hot in it.

I’ve been raving to my friends about our ethical mattress and a few have already gone and got theirs, safe in the knowledge that if they’re not satisfied within 100 nights they can have the mattress returned with a full refund. I’m pretty certain none of them will.

Leesa mattresses are made in the UK. That’s a good thing for reduction of transport miles. They partner with the Arbor Day Foundation to ensure that for every mattress that is sold a tree is planted to offset their carbon footprint. Leesa also cut down on landfill waste by donating to charitable organisations any mattress that is returned under their free 100 night trial. Furthermore, Leesa donate one mattress to homeless charities for every ten sold.

Leesa Mattress = Ethical B-Corp

Leesa Sleep have been awarded B-Corp status for sustainable, responsible business practice. (Image from Leesa website)

We’ve definitely slept a lot better on our Leesa mattress and now fully appreciate the importance of investing in a good quality mattress. An avid watcher of Michael Mosely I’m aware of how important a good night’s sleep is. We’re certainly getting many more of them in now than we had been previously.

I believe that Leesa can be considered an ethical mattress company as they are doing so much good work in many areas. There’s always room for improvement, but as with all ethical brands it’s all about the direction of travel. With their triple-bottom line Leesa are going in the right direction.

They’ve given me a unique £100 discount code to offer to my readers. Add free delivery and returns as well as a 100 night risk-free trial, I’d recommend Leesa to help you sleep better …in every possible way!

This is a sponsored post: Leesa Sleep Ltd provided me with their product for review. However, the review is a genuine reflection of my feelings of their mattress.

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