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Vegan Tuck Box Review

I recently received a Vegan Tuck Box in the post. Vegan Tuck Box is the UK’s first 100% vegan box scheme, with single, subscription and gift boxes available. Ultimate boxes contain 10-13 products, while ‘Variety’ boxes contain 5-8 products every month. How exciting! Let’s see what’s inside…

Cucumber Crackers – Mmmm, these are like healthy prawn crackers – very moreish. Light, non-greasy and with a hint of cucumber.

Chocolate Heart Lolly – Chocolate marshmallow sprinkled with raspberry – Soft marshmallow centre with rich, dark chocolate shell. Lovely!

Peanot cups – 2 treats that are completely nut free. A vegan alternative to Reese’s cups. A drier version and very tasty indeed.

Apricot FitFit – like one big dried apricot – condensed in to a disk shape. Maintaining more moistness than traditional dried apricots. I could have eaten another one straight away!

Lots of This, None of That chocolate bar – Smooth and creamy in texture, this bar tastes a lot more like traditional chocolate than many other vegan chocolates I’ve tried.

Crazy4Cocao chocolates – I think these were thrown in as an added extra and how glad I was of that – These were pretty delectable – Like the sorts of chocolates you’d find in a real luxury chocolate box.

Kwan’s Kitchen Sweet Chilli 123 Simple Stir Fry Kit – I don’t normally buy these kinds of kits myself but this gave a really nice flavour to my stir fried vegetables – very tasty: both sweet and spicy. When I’ve used this sort of thing before I can find them quite sickly but this one wasn’t. Just good taste and with a lovely spicy kick. Not using artificial colours, flavours or preservatives probably helped there.

Brad’s Raw Broccoli Poppers – Oh yum, these are crunchy broccoli florets caked in organic ingredients including chickpea miso, lemon, carrot, onion & garlic. They taste kind of like the crispy bits on top of a cauliflower cheese (if you imagine the cauliflower were broccoli!). Wish there were a few more in the pack… Next time Brad 😉

Ara Chocolat – Cocoa nuggets with a surprisingly crunchy shell. Sweet chocolate tasting with hazelnut in the centre, a real treat!

Planet Organic Rawkin’ Roons – Fresh tasting with lemon and coconut the standout flavours. Nice and chewy yet also melts in the mouth. I really like these and would like to try out the other flavours too.

I must say, I really enjoyed devouring everything in this box. I’m told that each box is different (you receive different products every month) so I’m looking forward to seeing what the next one brings.

I’d recommend giving Vegan Tuck Box a try. They won Viva’s Best New Vegan Food product award in 2014 and they donate 10p from each box to vegan causes. And it’s not just boxes on offer: They also stock a fantastic range of treats sold individually in their online tuck shop. To receive 20% off your first box use the voucher code ‘BLOG20’. Let me know how you got on with your own Vegan Tuck Box!

Vegan Tuck Box review


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