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Yew Clothing – Eco Sportswear

Yew ClothingAt first sight you may be intrigued by the logo of Yew Clothing yet it makes perfect sense when you consider the ethos of this exciting outdoor pursuits sportswear company. The logo is inspired by the symbol for the yew tree in the old Celtic alphabet and the name Yew was selected because it encompasses the values the company is based upon. Within its name, the company expresses it is organic, enduring and represents strength. These qualities that are woven into the fibre of Yew’s clothing range.

Yew Clothing was started because the founders Jun Wong and Kresse Wesling wanted more out of the clothing they were wearing. The company reflects their own aspirations, views and values to make ethically sourced clothing from environmentally friendly fabrics and materials. They have created a company to be proud of with well-designed clothing that uses the best of sustainable materials.

Yew Clothing delivers to the most discerning outdoor enthusiast with fabulous high performance sportswear made from recycled, sustainable materials for all outdoor activities. The company founders have input their own experiences of outdoor pursuits to ensure the very best gear for running, skiing, hiking, biking, yoga and climbing. Every garment including fleeces, base layers and technical tops are made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials in factories where the working environment has the workers welfare as a priority.

The Yew Clothing technical range has been designed to go anywhere and never let the wearer down. Better still after the day’s exertions are over, soft organic T-shirts and yoga bottoms are the perfect comfort clothing for relaxing or meditating.

For all of your adventurous activities, the technical clothing range is designed to perform and will fit handily into a backpack if you are on the move. These garments are ideal for travelling serving a dual purpose throughout your arduous hikes and climbs, and by slipping on one of the warming jackets looking as good for leisure wear afterwards as for performance. Easily washable and lightweight, taking a couple of pieces on any travel adventure is a great idea.

Yew caters for men and women and has a range of their own branded T-shirts at very affordable prices in addition to the sportswear. The web site is efficient and user friendly and displays the products in all of the colour ranges which is helpful to the customer. Yew Clothing have a story behind each of the products in their collection and for each of them you can view where the product was manufactured even down to seeing the factory, what material it is made of and where it was sourced, the ideas behind the design and some of the trials and tribulations in the process. This human element helps to identify with the company and the ethos and it is always good to know the provenance of anything from vintage wine to sustainable clothing.

There are a range of accessories on the website for outdoor enthusiasts to browse through and the little interesting pieces of information add to the browsing experience. Yew also have a community page where they recommend some websites that customers may be interested in, especially if they have an interest in sustainability and ethical practices.

Yew Clothing is honest above all and admit they cannot be 100% sustainable due to constraints such as zips and polyester thread used in sewing which at this time are out of their control but as far as it goes, these garments not only make you look good but they perform and make you feel good as well. It’s time to start planning your next adventure with Yew Clothing!


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